Capture, store and manage client data, bulk communication and policy management
Human Resources Management
Internship & Learnership Management, Leave Management and Daily Tasks
Competency Register and Skills Gap Audit
Employee Management and Inseta Reports
General Admin
Templates, Policy and Procedures, Travel Log, Telephone Messages and User Tasks

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Advantages and Benefits
of Skye

  • Client Relationship Management
    Private and Busienss Clients

    Clients can be captured as Private and/or Business Clients and can be linked to one another

    Client Communication
    • Email and SMS communication is integrated with Microsoft Outlook and SMS
    • Bulk communication can be sent to multiple clients/ employees. Filter options can be used to segment communication to specific identified groups
    • Bulk communication is personalized by name and greeting to each individual client
    • Individual and bulk messaging saved directly to the client file

    Client management

    Tasks and reminders can be set and documents saved at a client and/or policy level

    • Ensure employee compliance with a variety of workflow processes
    • Simple and unique step-by-step workflows can be set up by Skye users. These steps cater for communication, questionnaires and document uploads as well as supervisor and KI compliance sign off where required
    • Exception reports and notifications assist KI’s with compliance management
    • Simple process to manage Representatives working under Direct and Ongoing supervision. Supervisor and KI sign off - pre and post transaction as per the Supervision Workflow process

    Client and Policy Reviews
    • Client Reviews can be set at a client and/or policy level and by multiple advisors
    • Client Review tasks and reminders can be set

    Record of Advice

    Generate a simple Letter of Advice (Record of Advice) that uses a customizable background template and allows additional information to be populated by the Advisor. The letter incorporates a Client Service Level Agreement, Intermediary disclosure, RPAR, Policy schedule and product comparative tables

    Quick Notes

    Use Quick Note to record details of telephone calls without accessing clients files. Notes are date and time stamped and users can set reminders

    Policy Schedule

    A detailed view of a client’s policy and investment values

  • Competency Register and Skills Gap Audit
    Competency Register and Training Reports
    • A simple and effective Competency Register to assist the FSP to manage the Fit and Proper requirements of its Representatives and KI’s
    • Reps are linked to license categories and DOFA dates and FAIS regulatory requirements have been built into the back-end.
    • Competency reports at FSP and Representative level showing requirements and due dates
    • Monthly rep and employee sign off of Competency Register
    • Summary of Fit and Proper requirements, due dates and progress, including:
      • Qualifications
      • Part Qualifications / Credits
      • Regulatory Exams
      • CPD Hours
      • Services under Supervision / Experience
      • Class of Business
      • Product Specific Training
      • FICA
      • POPI
    • Annual Reports produced can be used for Seta and EE annual reporting

    Skills Gap Audit and Planned training
    • Skills Gap audits can be conducted and planning done and recorded
    • Planned Training Reports produced can be used for Seta and EE annual reporting
  • General Admin
    Phone Messenger Tool
    • All messages captured and saved
    • Email notifications sent to recipients
    • Email notifications sent to recipients

    User Tasks

    Non client relates tasks

    Template Management
    • All company templates are saved on the system Accessible to all users
    • Managed at one central point, ensuring that all employees use the most current version
    • Avoid losing or using outdated documents

    Policy and Procedure Management

    Policies and procedures are centrally stored and accessible to all employees

    Audit Trail and Change Status History
    • All changes made are tracked and saved in the system
    • Tracks client and policy data changes made by Users (date and time stamped) with prior information saved for audit purposes

    User Security

    Access rights to clients, policies and the various components of the system can be managed and controlled

  • Human Resources Management
    Employee Management

    Employee information, contracts and documentation is uploaded. Information is secure with access rights and selected fields are editable at an employee level

    Performance Management and Reviews

    Performance Reviews against staff Key Performance Areas and tasks are captured and saved on the system


    Skye has various pre-built reports that can be utilized

    Daily Register

    Relevant employees (e.g. junior staff, interns and those working under supervision) may be required to log their daily duties against predetermined Key Performance Areas and Tasks

    Leave Application
    • Employees can apply for sick, annual, special, or family responsibility leave and upload certificates where applicable Capacity to manage leave increments and days leave granted per employee
    • The Leave Calendar is accessible to all users showing which employees have pending or approved leave as well as the type and duration

    Leave Records and Reports

    A record of all leave taken by employees is stored and a report can be pulled per employee

  • Compliance Management
    Compliance register and Declarations (KI, Rep and Admin)
    • Employees, Reps and KI’s are prompted to sign off their FAIS Compliance reports every month
    • Monthly sign off includes:
      • FAIS declaration (Rep and KI)
      • Fit and Proper declarations (Rep and KI)
      • Conflict of interest
      • FICA
      • Policies and procedures
      • Training
      • Disclosure letter
      • FSP Solvency Declarations (KI)
    • Simple and effective management of FSP’s Fit and Proper requirements

    Compliance Reports
    • Management made easy through summary and detailed Competency Register reports
    • Summary reports give management a snapshot view of the entire FSP’s compliance and progress. The report highlights potential problem areas that require attention
    • Exception reports for management to identify non-compliance

    Workflow Sign-Offs

    The KI will have the option of either signing off or sending back a workflow to be edited and changed.

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