About us

Who are we?

Skye Business Management Software was co-founded by Rob Lansdell and Morné Vosloo in 2012 and started out as a Human Resource management system. Our innovative system has since been developed into a ground-breaking business management software system. Our company goal is to produce high quality, user friendly software that offers value for money to our clients.

Our vision is to develop a suite of innovative IT solutions with products that are the first choice for companies looking for effective and innovative technology for risk mitigation and increased productivity.

Our collective and united commitment to our clients, our core values, goals and vision is the driver that guides our business and which ultimately defines our success.

Skye is being continually improved by a multi–faceted, dynamic and diverse team who is driven to provide excellent customer service and develop and grow Skye even further as we strive to bring our clients software that is user friendly, efficient and affordable.

Below are listed keywords summarising our visions and values, guiding the direction in which our company moves forward and grows:


Why Do I Need Skye


All-In-One Business Management Software

Skye is an all-encompassing system designed to meet all your business management requirements, eliminating the need for multiple systems for the different aspects of your business. Skye is designed around a modular system, allowing you to select and build the ideal business software for your unique needs.


User-Friendly Interfacce

Skye has been developed with the end-user in mind. Skye’s modules enable different staff members to make use of different aspects of the greater system avoiding duplication of administration, making internal communication easier and saving precious time. Anyone can use Skye and we offer introductory training for all staff members.



One price, eight modules – customisable to suit your requirements. Skye has been designed with the small-medium business in mind, understanding the need for both customisable software and an all-in-one business management tool that is affordable, saves duplication of administration and includes the tools that are essential to you and your staff.


Modular System For Easy Customisation

The main aim of Skye is to simplify your processes and save you valuable time spent on administrative tasks. The modular system consists of eight different innovative modules, allowing you to select and customise those that best suit your business needs.


Microsoft Azure Cloud Server

Skye offers maximum security and storage space with the Microsoft Azure Cloud Server, eliminating the need for an in-house server. All company templates, documents and information are managed on the system server, not on individual computers or servers. This allows you to work and access all information and documentation at any time and from anywhere.


Excellent Customer Support

The Skye customer support team is on hand to make sure that your queries are handled quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get back to the business of doing business. For any customer enquiry, please contact Support on support@skyetek.co.za or 082 897 4586


Excellent Sales Support

The Skye sales support is on hand to make sure that your queries are handled quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get back to the business of doing business. We would love to hear from you, if you would like to arrange a demo or request a quote, please contact Chante on chante@skyetek.co.za or 041 367 0357