Some FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I able to transfer data and documents from our current IT system into Skye?
    Yes, your data and documents can be imported into Skye from your current software provider upon receipt of the requisite files. We can also provide you with Excel templates for importing employees, representatives, clients, and policy information which will be imported into your personalised Skye database.
  • Is Skye POPI compliant?
    Skye is committed to the protection of client data and personal information.
    Click here to view our POPI declaration.
  • Does each Skye user receive their own secure username and password?
    Each employee is assigned a temporary username and password which they will be required to update when they first log into Skye.
  • Can we set different access rights based on the level of access required for each employee?
    Yes, access can be restricted based on the requirements of the FSP and this includes access to clients and policies within the FSP. For example, one representative will not be able to access or view the clients of another representative, unless the access has intentionally been set up this way.
  • Is Skye a Web based application?
    Skye is both a Desktop and Web application and regardless of the version that is being used, all data and documents are saved in the cloud to ensure security.
  • Does Skye offer trial access to the software so that we can test the system?
    Yes, we will provide potential users with a trial version of Skye for a limited period for testing purposes ( on condition that a non-disclosure agreement is signed.)
    Please click here to submit your request and an agent will be in contact with you.
  • Are generic templates included for new users of the Skye software?
    Basic communication and workflow templates are provided.
  • Does Skye have the capability to integrate with other IT systems?
    Yes, we would require an API from the other software provider and will quote to build the integration based on the client needs.
  • Does Skye provide training on how to use the software?
    Yes, training is provided for all relevant modules and you will also receive training videos and manuals for reference purposes.