• Client Relationship Management (CRM)

    Capture, store and manage client data, communications, meetings, project deadlines and products on the Customer Relations Management (CRM) module.

    CRM Key Functions
    • With this module’s Bulk SMS and Microsoft Outlook integration capability, communications can be sent from and stored directly onto the Skye system, thus avoiding a duplication of administration.
    • Caters for efficient data mining.
    • Offers effortless individual and bulk communication with clients.
    • Store and access client documentation electronically.

    Workflow Key Functions
    • Multiple workflows can be created and tailor-made to meet the specific needs of each user and business, ensuring that users follow the set guidelines for each workflow.
    • Both management and staff can track progress of tasks, set reminders and follow-up dates.
    • Compulsory management sign off of workflows where required.
  • FAIS Compliance

    Skye's Financial Planning Module has been tailored specifically for Financial Service Providers in terms of financial planning and compliance. The module was developed to serve as a means of assisting Financial Service Providers in offering their services to clients more efficiently and to effectively manage supervision plans whilst meeting the requirements of the FAIS Act and other relevant legislation.

    Key Functions
    • Generates a simple and professional proposal letter for clients whilst meeting the requirements of the FAIS Act and other relevant legislation.
    • Keeps a record of financial advice offered to clients.
    • Automatically generates and stores Service Level Agreements, Record of Advice, client goals, proposals, product comparisons, ASISA and comprehensive RPAR, Disclosures, Letter of Introduction and more into a single document thus eliminating the need for advisors to refer to a multitude of different compliance documentation.
    • Offers monthly or quarterly Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) disclosures to key individuals and other relevant personnel.
    • Offers a FAIS supervision plan for various relevant employees such as new representatives and management.
  • Competency Register

    A simple and effective Competency Register to assist the FSP to manage the Fit and Proper requirements of its Representatives and KI’s

    Key Functions
    • Reps are linked to license categories and DOFA dates and FAIS regulatoryrequirements have been built into the back-end.
    • Competency reports at FSP and Representative level showing requirements and due dates.
    • Monthly rep and employee sign off of Competency Register.
    • Summary of Fit and Proper requirements,due dates and progress, including:
      • Qualifications
      • Part Qualifications/Credits
      • Regulatory Exams
      • CPD Hours
      • Services under Supervision/Experience
      • class of Business
      • Product Specific Training
      • FICA
      • POPI
      • Annual reports produced can be used for Seta and EE annual reporting
  • Human Resouces Management
    Leave Management
    • Ensures that leave policies and processes are in line with the basic conditions of the Employment Act.
    • Includes an email functionality making it simple for employees to apply for leave and for line managers to deny or approve it.
    • Employers and employees can track various leave types and balances.
    • Relevant personnel can view a leave calendar showing which employees have applications approved or pending.

    Internship and Learnership Management

    This module is useful for companies that offer mentoring programs as it caters for quick and efficient management of the program so that your company and its trainees can get the most out of the experience.

    • Where Portfolios of Evidence are required, trainees can log their daily tasks against their designated key performance areas. This improves time management of employees.
    • Allows line managers to track employees’ work performance.
    • Simplifies the compilation of employee performance reviews and progress reports.
    • Management Reports allow for timeous adaption of programs to ensure desired results and outputs.
  • General Admin

    A range of basic features are included on the system to enhance your Skye experience.

    Key Functions
    • Template Management
    • System Reports
    • Phone Messages Tool
    • Travel Log
    • Staff Birthday Management
    • Employee Suggestion Box
    • Policies and Procedures Management
    • Contact Lists
    • Security and Access Rights Management